Geolife Nanomeal Flora (For Flowering Stage)

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High percentage of P in this formulation helps in increasing flowering, also acts as a structural component of energy storage. The residual energy created is then held in the ATP and distributed throughout the plant as needed. 

Nutrients like Mn, Mg, Zn improves utilization and mobility of phosphorus and is involved in enzymatic activities.

The presence of B at this stage is essential for pollen tube formation which is important for pollination and affects seed/fruit setting.

Nanomeal Flora prevents premature flower dropping.

Presence of Mo reduces Nitrogen effect in plant and increases carbohydrates.

Increases C:N Ratio and Increases flower

Contents: P 40%, K 25%, Mg 2%, Zn 1%, B 0.4% and Mn 1%

Dosage :
  • Foliar application: 200-250 gm/acre
  • Fertigation: Apply 40% quantity of conventional water soluble fertilizers.

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Geolife Agritech India Pvt Ltd

Best Before/Expiry:

3 year / 36 months after the Date of Manufacturing

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