Geolife Nano NPK 00:52:34 Water Soluble Fertilizer

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Geolife Nano NPK 00:52:34 is a 100 % water soluble fertilizer and useful for all crops.

  • Fully water soluble fertilizer. It can be used for both i.e. fertigation and foliar spray, it supplies P and K at crop growth stages, when Nitrogen is not required.
  • Compatible with most of the commonly used insecticides fungicides except Bordaux and plant growth promoters/ regulators.
  • It has proven for their effects on fungal diseases control (Powdery midew) example on grape, cucurbits mangoes, roses etc.
  • High P promotes flowering and fruit setting maintains uniform growth and shape of developing fruits reduces flower and fruit dropping, improves yields and quality.
  • K is important to fruit formation and translocation of heavy metals like iron, improves the crop quality and crop maturity.
  • It increases resistance in plants against moisture stress, heat, frost and against disease.
  • It strengthens stalks and stems against lodging and invading organisms like insect pest etc.

Recommended Crops: All Crops (fruits, flowers, vegetables, cereals, pulses,spices)

Dosage: 1 - 2 gm/lit. of water

Time of Application: At flowering stage

Mode of Application: Foliar spray / Fertigation

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Geolife Agritech India Pvt Ltd

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3 year / 36 months after the Date of Manufacturing

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