Bucket Trap with Red Palm Weevil Lure

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Host Crops: Coconut palm, Date palm, Oil Palm and Arecanut palm

Adult weevils are reddish brown, about 35 mm long and 10 mm wide and are Characterized by a long curved rostrum (snout). Dark spots are visible on the upper side of the middle part of the body.

The head and rostrum comprise about one-third of the total length. In the male, the dorsal apical half of the snout is covered by a patch of short brownish hairs, the snout is bare in the female, more slender, curved and a little longer than the male.


  • Pheromone used 99% pure.
  • 100% Effective from other commercial product.
  • Lure working day in field life 90-120 day, Depend on weather conditions.
  • Dispenser - Silicon rubber Septa
  • Lure can stay for one year without removing from packing.


  • Economically Affordable, easy to install and manage.
  • If used properly can detect low numbers of insects.
  • Collect only Species Specific.
  • Non toxic.
  • Can be used all season long.
  • Pheromone Lure is species specific.
  • Reduce the use of harmful pesticide and do organic farming and save the life.

Per acre use:

  • Bucket trap with RPW Lure minimum 3-4/acre for controlling.


  • Please use hand gloves /keep clean hand for handling lure
  • Suitable trap for RPW Lure: Bucket Trap

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3 years from the date of manufacturing

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