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Emesto prime is a novel fungicide that supports potato farmers with seed treatment. It is active against number of seed and soil borne pathogens. Excellent protection against potato black scurf.

Technical Name: Penflufen 240 FS

Mode of Action: Systemic fungicide for seed treatment.

Penflufen evenly distributes all over the tuber and in the soil around the tubers where it protects young sprouts and growing daughter tubers. It is a systemic xylem mobile fungicide and is formulated as a flowable concentrate for seed treatment.

Recommendations: Used as seed treatment for the protection against potato black scurf (Rhizoctonia solani).


  • Excellent protection against potato black scurf
  • Potato seeds germinate and emerge quickly out of the soil minimizing the time for black scurf to attack the emerging plant beneath the soil.
  • Formation of stronger plants with higher vitality gives enhanced crop establishment leading to more marketable yield.
  • Outstanding disease control results in perfect skin finish and optimum size & shape of potatoes of better quality.

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Bayer CropScience Ltd.

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2 years / 24 Months after the date of manufacturing

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