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Nutrifeed is recommended for green and hay fodder to animals like Cow, Buffalo, Goat and Sheep to increase the milk yield and body weight, having multicut high green biomass and high Protein (14% to 16%) along with carbohydrates.

Nutrifeed can be grown well on a wide range of soil types, soil pH should be 5.5 to 7.0, avoid acidic and saline soils. Drained soils yields good.

Sowing Time:

  • Spring – Feb to April
  • Kharif – May to August
  • Rabi (Central India and South India only) – September to October

Sowings: Although Nutrifeed is comparatively easy to establish, prepare good seedbed for good germination and root development. Where irrigation is available, better establishment will be obtained by pre watering and sowing into moisture, rather than watering after sowing. Sowing depth 3 cm to 5 cm with soil covering for compaction Row to Row Spacing is 30 cm and Plant to Plant is 25 cm.

Water and Irrigation: Nutrifeed is tolerant to drought but should irrigate before 7 days intervals in summer and 12 days interval in rainy season. For better palatability crop should be with high moisture. Sufficient irrigation will boost the healthy and expected bio-mass yield in forage crops.

Cutting and Harvesting: Nutrifeed can cut and feed at any time but 1 meter to 1.2 meter is idle height to get more benefits from green fodder in terms of nutritive values. Nutrifeed should be cut 6 to 8 inches above ground level when harvesting to promote faster re-growth for multi-cut.

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