Tata Manik

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Tata Manik is Acetamiprid 20% Soluble Powder. Belonging to the modern Neonicotinoid group of Insecticides. Manik controls sucking pests with both contact and stomach action.

Technical Name: Acetamiprid 20% SP

Mode of Action: Systemic Insecticide.

Recommendation: Tata Manik is a highly effective systemic Insecticide for the control of Aphids, Jassids and White Flies in Cotton. It has an excellent trans-laminar action, thus also controls the pests hiding on the lower side of leaves. Manik also has ovicidal property.

Crops: All Crops

Targeted Pests: All sucking pests like aphids, jassids and whiteflies

Dosage: 0.5 gm/lit. of water

Brand Tata Rallis
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