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CropMax is a biologically derived nutritional product developed through Cytozyme’s proprietary technology of mutistage fermentation process.

Unique combination of fermentation metabolites, selected marine algae extracts, protein hydrolysates with complexed/chelated micronutrients  for excellent crop growth.

CropMax helps increase yield and crop quality by optimizing the plant’s genetic potential, stimulating plant’s metablism, thereby reducing the impact of stress on plant production. It consists of naturally produced compounds, so at recommended doses, it leaves no harmful residues on plants, soil or the environment.


  • Increases photosynthesis.
  • Improves uptake & absorption of nutrients through the root system.
  • Improves efficacy of Plant Protection products.
  • All Nutrients being Natural, being absorbed FASTEST by plants.
  • High antioxidant activity to reduce the effects of free radicals.
  • Up-regulates genes involved in plant response to stress.
  • Reduces negative effects of abiotic stress of heat, freezing and drought.
  • Stimulates secondary metabolic pathway of plants to improve crop quality.

Crops: Tomato, sugarcane, soybean, rice, potato, peanut, pea, apple 

Dosage: 1 ml/lit. of water

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Corteva Agriscience India Pvt Ltd

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2 years / 24 Months after the date of manufacturing

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