Geolife Nanomeal Nourish

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Nanomeal Nourish has been specially designed for the multiple harvesting crops (plants which have fruiting and flowering stage at the same time).

For Flowering: extra Phosphorus helps promote the development of additional flowering sites, especially during the early stages of flower production. During flower production, the plants continue to need higher levels of Phosphorus to help provide energy for the developing fruit.

For Fruiting: equal ratios of Nitrogen and Potash improves soluble solid content (TSS), titratable acidity, pulp firmness, and fruit color. Potassium reduces physiological disorders (creasing and cracking in fruits, blotchy ripening.), incidence of pests and diseases, enhances storage and shipping quality and extends shelf life. 

The presence of Zn, B and Mg is essential for carbohydrate and starch formation and translocation of sugar.

Contents: N 10%, P 40%, K 10%, Mg 2%, Zn 1%, B 0.2%

Dosage: Foliar application 200-250 gm/acre; Fertigation Apply 40% quantity of conventional water soluble fertilizers

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