Geolife Fruiting Kit

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Geolife Fruiting Kit (Vigore Fruit Size Enhancer 10 grm + Natural Cab 50 grm). Combination of concentrated Calcium and Boron at high percentage.

Natural Cab:

It is a new combination of concentrated Calcium and Boron at high percentage. It helps in the development of new shoots and owers and plays a key role in cell wall formation. It is compatible with most insecticides, pesticides and nutrients.

Dosage: 50 gm/150-200 lit. of water/acre

Vigore FSE:

Vigore Fruit Size Enhancer is an advance product that helps to increase fruit size, develops uniform color and taste. It enhances vegetative growth, fruit size, fertility and post harvest storage. Vigore FSE improves the translocation system inside the plant during the fruit development stage. Fruits attain good colour, taste and good shining in turn giving more profits to farmer.

Dosage: 10 gm/150-200 lit. of water/acre

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