Geolife Flowering Kit

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Nano Vigore (1 gm) + Balance Nano (50 gm)

Nano Vigore:

It is an unique nano technology product to profuse flowering.It provides rapid absorption and quick response from plant.It increase yield & quality to optimum levelIt can be applied on all crops where flowering plays a major role in its life cycle. Dosage: 1gm for 150- 200 liters of water/acre.

Balance Nano:

It is a unique combination of nutrients and special enzymes required for flower to provide complete nutrition during flowering stage.It improves flower formation and ensures maximum fruit setting. Suitable for all crops. Dosage: 50 gm for 150- 200 liters of water/acre.

  • Induce Flowering
  • Produces more female flower
  • Provides nutrients to flower
  • Prevents Flower Drop

Method of Application: Mix both the pouches in 150-200 litres of water for application

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