Chamatkar Five Star

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Hifield’s Chamatkar Five Star (5*) developed By Hifield Organics Inc. is a special blend of Fulvic Acid + Humic Acid + Amino Acid + Seaweed + Alginic + solid granules, that works as the soil condition. 

All this combination help crop for better utilisation of chemical fertilizer and support the overall development of crops. Soil fertility, increases chelation, increases porosity helps in increase of chlorphyl content. 

Increase root growth, shoot growth, soil fertility, increases chelation, increases porosity, helps in increase of chlorphyl content, for better utilization of chemical fertilizers & supports overall development.

Recommended for all crops vegetable, flower gardens, orchards, turf grass, fruits (Horticulture), hydrophonics, green house crops etc.

Dosage: 5 kg/acre, suitable for broadcasting, mixing with chemical organic bio-stimulant, urea, DAP. Apply 2 times.

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