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Momiji is a selective, pre emergence herbicide containing 85% (w/w) of Pyroxasulfone active ingredient. It controls Phalaris minor, the main problematic weed in wheat. Pyroxasulfone belongs to new calls of chemistry with outstanding residual action providing season long weed control.

Technical Name: Pyroxasulfone 85% WG

Mode of Action: Pre emergence, selective herbicide.

Pyroxasulfone treatment drastically reduces the biosynthesis of very long chain fatty acids(VLCFAs) and causes a build up of fatty acid precursors. Pyroxasulfone specifically inhibits many elongation steps catalyzed by VLCFA elongases.

Recommendations: Controls Phalaris minor, the main problematic weed in wheat.

Time of Application: Momiji to be used in wheat crop during 0-3 days after sowing for effective control of Phalaris Minor.

Dosage: 60 gm/acre 

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