BASF Sefina Insecticide

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Sefina is the first of its kind from a new chemical class - Pyropenes. Novel mode of action for faster and exceptional control of Jassids and Whiteflies (Both adults and early instar nymphs) in Cotton, Brinjal and Cucumber.

Technical Name: Inscalis (New Active Ingredient) 

Mode of Action: The chordotonal organs, present in insects but not in other class of animals, are the biological stretch sensors. Inscalis acts selectively on these stretch sensors, causing the insects to be deaf, disoriented and uncoordinated and eventually stop feeding and die from dehydration and starvation.

Recommendations: Used to control jassids and whiteflies (Both adults and early instar nymphs) in Cotton, Brinjal and Cucumber crops.

Dosage: 280 ml/acre for jassids and 400 ml/acre for whiteflies.

Time of Application: 1st spray at the initiation of Jassid and 2nd spray at initiation of whitefly. Spraying twice at an interval of 10 days offers good residual control against whiteflies. Ensure complete coverage of the plant while spraying.

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