BASF Polyram Fungicide

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Polyram is broad spectrum contact fungicide from EBDC group for wide range of crops. It provides Broad spectrum disease protection with safe Zinc (14%) supplement, which helps in better crop health.

Polyram is an excellent protective fungicide developed by BASF. Its active ingredient metiram affects the activity of the complex enzyme contained in the fungal cell and thus prevents crops from fungal infections. Moreover, the copper zinc ion contained by polyram will release slowly, making the whole plant healthier after the zinc ion is absorbed by the crop. The Benefits of Polyram Broad spectrum protection Safe Zinc supplement.

Technical Name: Metiram 70% WG

Mode of Action: Contact fungicide

Recommendation: Non selective fungicide used to control Alternaria blight in totamo, Tikka disease in groundnut,  Early bilght and Late blight of potato, Downy Mildew of grape, and Blast and Brown spot in rice.

Dosage: 3-4 gm/lit. of water

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