BASF Librel TMX2 Multi Micronutreint Mixture

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Librel TMX2 is Chelated multi-micronutreint mixture helps in plant nutrition. It is a highly soluble chelated form of micronutrients which are essential elements for plant growth. It is rich source of Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mo, B.

Benefits of Librel TMX 2: 

  • Better solubility.
  • No loss of micronutrients in soil.
  • It can be broadcast and spray with other fertilizer and other crop protectants.
  • No loss of Urea and other phosphatic fertilizer.

Recommended Crops: All Crops 

Dosage: 1- 1.25 gm/lit. of water 

Time of Application: Foliar application before reproductive growth of plant.

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