Agadi SC Fipronil 5% SC

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Agadi SC is broad spectrum insecticide, toxic by contact and ingestion.

Agadi SC is also very effective for insects resistant or tolerant to pyrethroid, cyclodiene, organophosphorous and / or carbamate insecticide.

Technical Name: Fipronil 5% SC

Mode of Action: Contact and stomach insecticide..

Recommendation: Used to control lepidopteran pests in major crops. The advanced molecule of Agadi SC controls pests that are resistant to commercial insecticides.

Crop, Targeted pests and Dosage:

  • Rice: Green Leaf Hopper,  Gall midge Whorl Maggot, Stem Borer, Leaf Folder, Brown Plant Hopper, White Backed Plant Hopper - 400 - 600 ml/acre
  • Cabbage: Diamond-back Moth - 320 - 400 ml/acre
  • Chilli: Thrips, Aphids, and Fruit Borer 320 - 400 ml/acre
  • Sugarcane: Early Shoot Borer and Root Borer  - 600 - 800ml/acre
  • Cotton: Aphid, Jassid, Thrips, White Fly - 600 - 800ml/acre, Boll Worms - 800ml/acre
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