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Humesol is a concentrated aqueous mixture of humic substances that is suitable for soil (broadcast, band and drip) and foliar application in food, fruit, vegetables plantations, cash and ornamental crops and turf. 

Provides full complex of humic substances to plants and soil resulting in better crop and soil. Improved plant metabolism leading to healthier plant due to high activity in plant and soil system.

Common Name: Humic Acid 18% + Fulvic Acid 1.5%

Recommendation: Recommended for field crops, vegetables, fruits, plantation crops, flowers and pot plants, turf and Lawns.

Dosage: Soil application: 1 lit./acre, and Foliar spray: 500 ml/acre

Method of Application: Humesol can be applied via: soil Application (band, broadcast and drip), and Foliar Spray.

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